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    Hi Galactic Survivalists,

    We have another update ready for you with more bug fixes and improvements.

    Regarding the new camera shake: we will add an option to disable it in Alpha 8.1 that will be released next week. In addition, we will add more video options for low-end machines to get a better performance.

    Bug Reports:

    Bug Reports Solar System Generator:

    Bug Reports Controller & Keymapping:

    Bug Reports PDA Missions & Robinson Protocol

    Thanks for reading and stay tuned

    Empyrion Dev Team


    CHANGELOG: Alpha 8.0.2 (Build 1716)

    - Added Survival Tool directly to start equipment + updated PDA to take into account that Survival Tool is now also part of the starting equipment (note: the survival tool is still craftable in survival constructor)
    - Remember suit light status when leaving cockpit
    - Tweaked camera shake: removed movement of camera and removed rotation around z axis
    - Temporarily disabled asteroid fields in the orbit map
    - Changed "PresetStyle" of drone waves so that drones attack immediately
    - Reduced render distance of grass
    - Updated description for Akua-Omicron to make clear that it is also available in Creative mode
    - Updated dedicated.yaml: disabled "TimeoutBootingPfServer" for now
    Note to all server owners: we recommend to disable this feature temporarily because it can cause problems on startup of the server (we are working on a fix for Alpha 8.1)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Exception when loading savegames older than A8
    - Fixed: Problem that sometimes backpack was empty
    - Fixed: Problem that docked SV or HV vanished if the structure (CV or BA) at which vessel is docked was completely disassembled or the core of the structure destroyed
    - Fixed: Exception when using teleporter (only when using French language): Support email - Build 1710 #E0A6C
    - Fixed: Disassembling SVHV open cockpits did not give back any resources
    - Fixed: Player list sometimes appearing blank in MP
    - Fixed: Problem that grass was rendered twice and thus generated too much polygons
    - Fixed: Problem that entry motion sensor was deactivated in Unknown Artifact POI and thus did not trigger
    - Fixed: Shadow of Starlight Scenario: Task on Veldis "Chapter 3, The Agent" (Village of the Elders) could not be triggered due to deactivated motion sensor (thanks for report)
    - Fixed: Problem that there was often only 1 single drone in a drone base attack wave
    - Fixed: More localization errors that could lead to exceptions
    - Fixed: Warning in logs "Spawner cannot spawn entity 'TurretRobotNew'"
    - Fixed: Exception "The terrain file X is not found neither as DLL nor as XML"
    - Fixed: Several internal exceptions reported on support email and found in logs


    Update: June 15, 2018 - Hotfix 2 (Client Only)

    We have another small update for you:

    Changelog: Alpha 8.0.2 (Build 1717) - Client only

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Problem that Blueprints in BP Factory were lost after Server update (after build number increase) - MP only
    - Fixed: Problem that PDA log was deleted after Server update (after build number increase) - MP only

    Instead of deleting the full "Cache" folder after a build number increase, we now only delete the "Playfields" sub folder of the save games.

    Note: Losing Blueprints in a BP Factory after a build number increase only concerned Clients playing on a Multiplayer Server. Blueprints in Single Player were not affected.


    Update: June 16, 2018: Hotfix 3 - Alpha 8.0.2 (Build 1719)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Exception when leaving start sector in Akua-Omicron scenario
    - Fixed: Problem that Akua-Omicron Scenario and Legacy savegames were not working at the same time


    Update: June 17, 2018: Hotfix 4 - Alpha 8.0.2 (Build 1721)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Temporarily deactivated "ScreenSpaceReflection" post-processing effect to improve performance
    - Further optimized terrain shader
    - Fixed: Exception on Playfield Server that could block a playfield

Moderator(s): Kane, Derrin

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