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Patch 4.5

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Region and NPC Changes
Shortened the Conflict period to 10 minutes for all regions except Karkasse Ridgelands, Mistemorrow, and Diamond Shores.Pirates will no longer go to Trial upon being killed in Karkasse Ridgelands.
They will instead respawn like any other nation would. The Hasla Rift was removed from the game. A new Larcency crate has been added to all mobs in Auroria with the exception of mobs in Diamond Shores and Mistemorrow.Guards were added to Austera Freedom Square.

The Shadow Revolt
New World Bosses were added to Karkasse Ridgelands and Rookeborne Basin.Added a new World event called the Shadow Revolt that is triggered in the following regions whenever the respective boss is killed in each.

Added 37 new kinds of mobs that are spawned during the Shadow Revolt.
Added new loot acquired during the Shadow Revolt.
  • This new loot can be used to make special Cargo in the respective regions.
  • Also added a new type of Larcency crates that can only be acquired from mobs spawned during the Shadow Revolt.
Changed some of the boss spawn times (Only for Korea)
  • Kraken: Spawns on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 21:35
  • Leviathan: Spawns on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 21:30
  • Red Dragon: Spawns on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 21:40
Decreased the up-time of Red Dragon and Kraken from 3 hours to 2 hours.Red Dragon and Kraken no longer die from Siege Damage.Morpheus’s Cannons now give the same amount of Honor as Morpheus gives when they are killed.Morpheus’s Cannons have been buffed a little.Thunderwing Titan ChangesChanged some of the damage figures and attributes for Thunderwing Titan.Changed some of the fighting patterns of the Thunderwing Titan.Changed some of the flight and skill patterns of the Thunderwing Titan.
  • Removed two skills that the Thunderwing Titan used, and added one new one.
  • Flight path remains the same overall.
  • Changed the specializations of the gliders used to kill Thunderwing Titan.
    • There are now four different types; one for each type of attack/healing (So Melee, Ranged, Magic, and Healing gliders).
  • There are four exclusive skills per glider specialization. (Will be covered in a later article)
Added loot to the original Thunderwing Titan.
  • The new loot, which is a Jawbone of the Thunderwing Titan, can be used to summon the new, harder version of Thunderwing Titan, the Grieving Thunderwing Titan.
Added a new, harder version of Thunderwing Titan, Grieving Thunderwing Titan.
  • Damage has been increased for the harder version.
  • Grieving Thunderwing Titan has more skills in its arsenal, as a result making for a harder fight.
  • You can summon the Grieving Thunderwing Titan by obtaining a special drop from the regular Thunderwing Titan (The Jawbone of the Thunderwing Titan), and then using it to summon the harder version.
Added Strong Jawbone of the Grieving Thunderwing Titan as loot of the Grieving Thunderwing Titan.
  • Used in the making of the new, upgraded version of the Thunderwing glider, Titan’s Wings.
  • This new glider is called the Throne’s Thunder (Note: this is my localized version of the name).
Added a new title Wings of Thunder.
  • Players can obtain it by killing the Grieving Thunderwing Titan.
Lunagem ChangesTo find out more about Lunagem changes, check out this article.Boss PetsAdded a system for raising mounts via special items dropped from bosses.
  • The first such boss pet is from the Red Dragon in Karkasse Ridgelands.
Upon killing the Red Dragon, there is a chance to obtain a Frozen Heart of the Red Dragon upon looting.The Frozen Heart of the Red Dragon can be activated by using 150 Prime Lunariteon it.Once the heart is activated, its owner can hand it in to one of the three
Dragon Trainers (Which are located in Marianople, Austera, and
Freedich Island)
  • There are three different types of Red Dragon mounts (Red, Green, and Black).
  • The chances of obtaining a specific one are 33% each.
Players with a specifically colored Frozen Heart of the Red Dragon can now use it on a special platform in Marianople, Austera, or Freedich.
  • Marianople is available to Nuia, Austera to Haranya, and Freedich to all factions/nations.
Once on the platform, the baby mount must be fed special packs, which can be done by anyone.
  • If it is not fed for 3 days, then the baby mount will die.
Once the feeding of packs is complete, the owner of the mount must create a special declaration called The Order of Fire, which can be produced at a Printing Press.Added achievements for obtaining the Red Dragon boss mounts.
  • Added titles that are unlocked upon completing each achievement.
Server transfers for players who have a growing Red Dragon boss mount are
locked off while the Red Dragon boss mount is in its growth stage.Quest ChangesChanged the Dream Ring and Ayanad Earring quest line.
  • The Dream Ring and Ayanad Earring now are temporary items and only last for 30 days.
  • Players have to repeat certain parts of the quest in order to renew their Dream Ring and Ayanad Earring (You can find out more about this system here).
  • The changed quest lines are shown in the tables below.
In the tables below, one can see the required items whose required quantities were changed. Those items are bolded.Dream RingItemRequired ItemCurrentChangedGreat Ayanad EarringItemRequired ItemCurrentChangedPlayers who had already completed the quest lines before the implementation of
Patch 4.5, or had the quest lines in progress, have their versions
remain permament (The current versions of the Dream Ring), and will not
need to complete monthly runs for these two items unless they somehow
begin the quest lines anew.For all players who did not already have them, or were not on their way to obtaining them, this will be the system.Removed quests related to the production of Illustrious gear.Added a quest guide to aid in the creation of Faction Statues.
  • Players can receive these quests from NPCs located in the Faction Hall of each respective faction.
Added anAbandon Quest button to the Quest UI window.Changed the reward to the quest, Assault on Mistmerrow.
  • Instead of Crimson Watch Research Box, players now receive Cadum’s Bark.
Added two new bosses that complete the missions World Bosses (Guild Mission), Guardian of Nuia (Achievement), and Guardian of Haranya (Achievement).Added quests with the aims of defeating the Greiving Thunderwing Titan, a new, harder version of the Thunerwing Titan (This new boss will be covered later on).When a raid boss, such as Kraken or Red Dragon become friendly towards a certain nation (This is due to the boss schedule
changes), that nation receives certain quests that reward the nation for
successfully defending the boss from attackers (Completed if the boss
despawns without being killed during that day).The amount of Honor given to the killers of certain bosses has been changed, and can be seen in the table below.BossHonor Per KillSome of the World Bosses had their stats changed. In the table below, one
can see which bosses were strengthened, and which were weakened.
Specifics about how the stats were changed are unknown at this point in
time.ChangeBoss ListItem ChangesThe new Item Locking system was implemented.
  • Players can lock items by clicking the Lock button at the bottom of one’s
    inventory and selecting the item that one wants to lock.
  • Items under Lock protection cannot be consumed, deleted, regraded, or traded away while the item is locked.
  • When unlocking a Locked item, one needs to enter a password that they specially set for this system.
A special effect was added to the Erenor Shield.
  • Depending on its grade, an Erenor Shield now gives a set amount of Physical Defense (In addition to its default
    Physical Defense). This effect increases in value with respect to the
  • Example: At Epic, this effect adds 774 Defense to Erenor Shields.
[img width=243,height=475]… 3 Lunagems were added. You can read more about them in the Lunagems section in this article.Special Lunagems called Super Lunagems that are obtained via World Boss drops were added. You can read more about them in the Lunagems section in this article.Four new Waveglow (Blue) Lunagem and two new Galeglow (Yellow) Lunagem types
were added. One acquires them in the same way as existing lunagems.Item NameStatSlotWaveglow Lunagem: Defense and Waveglow Lunagem: Magic Defense (And their respective Splendid types) have been changed to be slottable into
every piece of gear with the exception Two-Handed Weapons.The names of Sunglow (Pink) Lunagems were changed to reflect the skills they affect, instead of the skill tree.
  • Example: Sunglow Lunagem: Battlerage changed to Sunglow Lunagem: Triple Slash.
Some of the effects of Sunglow (Pink) Lunagems were changed with respect to the skill changes in Patch 4.5.Existing NameNew NameChangeLunagems can now only be sold if they are sealed. Unsealed Lunagems cannot be sold, but can be resealed via a Transmuter. Rank 7 Potions and Foods were changed to heal/recover a percentage amount of
Health/Mana rather than being a flat amount. The percentage scales off
of maximum Health/Mana.Certain variables about food were changed.
  • Cast Time: 1.5 seconds → 3.0 seconds
  • Cooldown: 3 seconds → 10 seconds
The maximum amount of stackable items in a single stack was changed to 1,000.Certain materials and items have been discontinued.
  • Sunset Pearl
  • Yellow Coral
  • Orange Coral
  • Orange Plate Coral Polyp
  • Yellow Plate Coral Polyp
Artisan’s and Apprentice’s equipment has been removed from the game. Remaining items of these tiers can be
sold to General Merchants for gold, or crafted up into Illustrious via a workbench in Mirage Isle.Auroria mobs now have a chance to drop sealed Illustrious equipment. The chances of this occuring are low.Changed the selling price of Revenant Soulstone from 3 Silver per to 50 Copper per.Added Unknown Metal Boxes to the game, a new type of Larcency crate.
  • They can be opened via a gold key.
A new rank, Rank 14, has been added to both Halcyona Necklaces. Specifics will be covered in a future article.The highest possible grade of Erenor Cloaks has been adjusted to Eternal. The method of upgrading Erenor Cloaks to Eternal is still the same synthesizing, with Eternal capping out at 90,000 experience.Changed the location at which Possessed Topaz and Bone Chips were acquired.
  • These items are dropped by mobs near the entrance to the Serpentis dungeon.
Vehicle and Pet ChangesShips can now only be built at the areas around Lighthouses.Added a skill to cars that flips the cars if they are upside down.Turtle Ship Changes
  • The movement speed of the Turtle Ship while the oars are manned has been increased by 150%.
  • The buoyancy of the Turtle Ship has been increased by about 150%.
  • The roof of the Turtle Ship now opens when the health of the ship is below 50%, as opposed to the previous less than 75% health.
Crafting Commision SystemThe new Crafting Comission system was added.
  • Players can create commision requests by using the Commision Bulletin Board and making a request from the Crafting Folio.
Added Commision Bulletin Boards at each regional community center.
  • Players can fulfill commision requests at the bulletins.
Crafting ChangesReduced the amount of material required for the crafting of Tier 2 Lunagems.
  • Charcoal: 50 → 40
  • Anya’s Ingot: 10 → 8
Added Tier 3 Lunagems.Changed the equip level of Erenor gear from level 55 to Ancestral Level 1.Changed the material required for the crafting of Golden Die.Crafting Recipe1 Sturdy Stone
5 Gold Ingots
10 LilyChanged the required grade for upgrading Crafted gear.TierRequired Grade to UpgradeOutput TierOutput GradeChanged some of the materials required for the crafting of Magnificent Epherium, and Delphinad gear, making it cheaper overall.
  • The required amount of Archeum, Processed Materials, and Dyes has been reduced in the aforementioned tiers of Crafted gear.
Epherium gear can now be made at Public workbenches.Added the probability of receiving a bonus grade on all Crafted gear upon
crafting that gear up, with the exception of Erenor gear.Obsidian, Ominous Obsidian, and Tier 4 Obsidian gear (Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 4
Obsidian gear) can no longer be crafted, and Tier 1 and Tier 2 Obsidian
gear is now instead replaced by Illustrious and Magnificent gear in
terms of crafting.
  • Tier 3 Obsidian gear requires the respective Sealed Illustrious piece of gear.
  • Tier 5 Obsidian gear requires the respective Sealed Magnificent piece of gear.
Changed the crafting recipes of Copper and Silver keys.Trading ChangesChanged the production of Cargo.When Cinderstone Moor or Ynystere enter War, the sale price of turning in trade packs and cargo is increased.
  • During the war, the turn-in price of Specialty Packs is increased by 50%,
    while the turn-in price of Cargo Packs is increased by 30%.
Added new Specialty Packs crafted with loot received from Auroria mobs.Added Specialty Packs to Aegis Island and Whalesong Harbor.Regrading ChangesSlightly reduced the cost of regrading equipment.Adjusted the labor required for a regrade from 10 Labor to 50 Labor.Increased the probability of a success on a regrade overall. These are shown in the table below.4.04.5GradesDungeon and QuestCrafted and MobObsidian and BossGradesDungeon and QuestCrafted and MobObsidian and BossDamaged Items SystemAdded the Damaged Items system to crafted items of tiers Illustrious through Ayanad.
  • Illustrious, Magnificent, Epherium, Delphinad, and Ayanad gear no longer has a
    chance of destruction upon regrading past Celestial, and instead has a
    chance of being Damaged, at which point it can no longer be regraded any
    further, but retains all of its other functions.
The new regrade chances for Crafted armor Illustrious through Ayanad are listed in the table below.GradeSuccess Downgrade Damage Destruction Character ChangesXL has changed the way in which basic attributes affect different stats
such as Power Ratios or Accuracies. The ratios are in the tables below.Offensive StatsAttack RatioMelee AccuracyRanged AccuracyMagic AccuracyMelee Critical RateRanged Critical RateMagic Critical RateHealing Critical RateStrengthAgilityStaminaIntellegenceSpirit Defensive StatsEvasionMelee Parry RateShield Block RateMagic DefenseHealthManaHealth RegenMana RegenStrengthAgilityStaminaIntellegenceSpirit

0.006% → 0.020%0.016% → 0


0.006% → 00 → 0.016%
0 → 0.2


0 → 0.020%

0.2 → 00.2
The minimal Success Rate for an Attack or for Healing Power was changed from 90% to 85%.Players can no longer delete characters that are a part of a Player Nation.Changed the interval of Mana Recovery to 2 seconds.Added a 1-second waiting period in between switching armor pieces (Does not apply to weapons).Skill ChangesAdjusted many of the skills present in the game, as well as introduced some new skills. This will be covered in a later article.Added Invincibility Suppression Rule.
  • Each time an invincible effect occurs, the player receives the debuff called Invincible Suppression Rule for 15 seconds.
  • Players under the effect of the Invincibility Suppression Rule cannot receive effects that make them Invincible.
  • Players under the debuff cannot use skills that only grant them an Invincibility effect during the duration.
Changed the threat (aggro) level factor from Healing from 0.6 to 0.3.Changed the average detection rate of Stealth from 5m to 6.5m.Changed the effect of Shield Block Rate.
  • Existing: Completely negates all damage from a hit, and grants immunity to any debuffs with that hit.
  • Changed: 60% damage reduction of the hit, debuff received. (Double check).
Changed the effect of Parry.
  • Existing: Completely negates all damage from a hit, and grants immunity to any debuffs with that hit.
  • Changed: 40% damage reduction of the hit, debuff received. (Double check).
Changed some item effects, so as to adjust to the Skill Revamp. You can find all the changes in the table below.ClassificationItem NameCurrent Effect (4.0)Changed Effect (Post 4.5)Halcyona InstrumentsObsidian Weapons Auroria GearLunagemsGuild and Nation ChangesGuild ChangesGuild leaders bidding on siege scrolls cannot do the following:
  • Give Guild Leader to another player.
  • Disband the guild.
  • Apply for a guild or player nation.
  • Change to the Pirate faction.
Once the bidding period ends, the guild leader resumes their ability do all
of the following. (However, Pirates still cannot bid for castles)Changed the number of minimum people needed to bid for a siege due to the adjusted guild sizes.Changed the maximum number of slots for members in a guild
  • If a guild exceeded the quota before the patch, no new players will be able to join until slots free up.
Guild LevelCurrentPost-4.5Nation ChangesChanged the wait time for re-entering a Player Nation after leaving it from 3 days to 10 days.
  • Players cannot join the same Player Nation for 10 days based on the date and time of when you left that Player Nation.
  • Players who left a Player Nation and are on cooldown when the update hits will
    have their cooldowns extended to the new 10-day period.
The amount of maximum guilds in a Player Nation has been changed, and is shown in the table below.Number of CastlesMaximum Number of Nation MembersMaximum Number of GuildsArena ChangesAll arenas are now available for cross-server play.
  • This applies to all servers but the new Orchidna Fresh Start on Korea.
Changed the way in which the daily entrace quota works for Arenas.
  • Instead of completley restricting the entrance to Arenas after the quota is
    reached, players can now queue up for Arenas even if they have exceeded
    their daily quota, but they will not receive any rewards at the end of
    an Arena Match if they queue up in such a state.
  • Rankings are still affected when players queue up for Arenas once they exceed their daily entrance quota.
  • In order to receive the regular rewards at the end of a match, players must a Battle Bruiser Badge upon queuing up.
Changed certain rules in the Naval Arena.
  • Changed the sails and cannons of opposing teams so they cannot be tampered with.
  • Upon destroying an enemy ship within the Arena, players now receive an additional 20 points.
  • When your own ship is destroyed, the amount of points lost was decreased by half.
Improved the queue system for the Free-For-All Arena, so that to better reflect player ratings.Auction House ChangesAdded a split sales function, which allows players to post stacks of items, but for those items to be sold individually.
  • With the new system, players will be able to purchase fractions of stacks of items posted on the Auction House.
  • The seller of the items must enable the option for players to purchase individual items from a stack.
Labor is no longer consumed when receiving Auction House sale mail.Added a double-click confirmation when purchasing an item.Added an icon that displays registration and transaction fee.Other ChangesRace chat (i.e Elves) has been removed.Added a notification sound when bonus experience is acquired upon synthesizing an item.The amount of Infamy given for specific crimes has been increased.
  • Theft: Increased from 1 per to 5 per.
  • Assault: Increased from 1 per to 5 per.
  • Murder: Increased from 10 per to 50 per.
The camera view while using a cannon has been improved.Three male and three female hairstyles have been added.Five beards for Dwarven males have been added.Improved some of the tips for title requirments in order to provide more clarity.


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