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Hiram Gear and Awakening

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KR: 03. Mai Patch

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Hiram Gear and Awakening

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Hiram Equipment

With the new update to Patch 4.5 comes the addition of Hiram equipment, a new line of gear replacing the old and outdated Auroria gear. Dropped from various mobs in Auroria, this new line of gear bears many similarities to that of Erenor gear. Much like that of Erenor gear,
Hiram gear is synthesized instead of being regraded, and can be synthesized up to the Celestial grade. Hiram equipment is of the same item level as Delphinad (Meaning the base attack stats and the such are the same, as well as gear score), and can have up to three stats, with one stat being a basic stat (Strength, Agility, etc.), and two stats being auxiliary stats. These stats are shown in the tables in the next section.

As for experience, like Erenor gear, Hiram gear advances to the next grade upon reaching 100% synthesis experience at the current grade. That
being said, it can only be synthesized with other Hiram gear or a special drop from the same mobs that drop the equipment, so for those
that want to progress their equipment, you’ll have to farm in Auroria quite a bit. Not to worry though, the drop rate for Hiram gear is quite
high. Sadly, at this point, the experience values for Hiram gear per grade are unknown.
Hiram gear cannot be broken down via an Evenstone, and the gear Binds on Pickup.

In the tables below are the stats of the Hiram weapons and armor.



Drop Locations
In the tabs below, the drop locations of Hiram Equipment are displayed, with the areas being highlighted by the red circles. As mentioned before, these new mobs within the circles drop this new equipment.
The mobs are pictured below.





In addition to dropping Hiram gear, these mobs also drop Hiram Awakening Scrolls and Hiram Fortifier, the latter of which can be synthesized
into Hiram gear for experience. Hiram Fortifiers give from 200 to 400 experience, with the amount depending on the grade. Grand gives 200 experience, Rare gives 250 experience, and Arcane gives 400 experience.
The mobs are also located all over Golden Ruins and Diamond Shores, but no map to their locations is provided.

Gear List

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Awoken Gear
Along with the May update came a new system for bettering Hiram and Mistsong gear: Awakening. Awakening is a system in which certain items can be brought to an Awoken state, thus making the items better in terms of stats. For example, in the case of Hiram gear, Awoken Hiram gear becomes ever so slightly better than Ayanad gear but still worse than Tier 7 Obsidian, which when compared to regular Hiram gear, which has item levels equivalent to that of Delphinad gear, is strictly better.

The new interface for Awakening gear is explained in the image below.

Hiram Gear

Introduced in the May update, Awoken Hiram Armor is the next tier in Hiram Armor. In order to Awaken your Hiram gear, you must first obtain one of the following items: Hiram Awakening Scroll or Lucky Hiram Awakening Scroll. While the Hiram Awakening Scroll is obtained from mob drops in Auroria and dailies, the Lucky Hiram Awakening Scroll is obtained from the following recipe:
  • 50 Hiram Awakening Scroll
  • 1 Feather of Knowledge (New tradeable item obtained exclusively via the Cash Shop)
The catch in all this is that while the Hiram Awakening Scroll has a 10% to Awaken Hiram gear, and a chance for the item to be Crystallized upon failure, meaning that the item if the item does indeed become Crystallized, the owner of the item cannot attempt to Awaken it anymore, thus having
it stuck permanently at its default stage. Meanwhile, the Lucky Hiram Awakening Scroll has a 50% chance to Awaken Hiram gear, and protects the item from being Crystallized upon failure.
Moreover, XL has decided to introduce failstacks to the game with this update. Upon each failure while using the regular Hiram Awakening Scroll, players will receive a stack that will increase the success probabilityof their next attempt at Awakening a piece of gear by +5%. Like in
Black Desert Online, these seem to stack. Meanwhile, while using the Lucky Hiram Awakening Scroll, players will receive a failstack that will increase the success probability of their next attempt at Awakening a piece of gear by +10%.
In addition to Awakening requiring one of the scrolls, in order to Awaken an Hiram item, it must first be at the Celestial grade. So for those
thinking of playing the failstack system by using a low-grade piece of Hiram gear, XL thought you might do that, and made it so you can’t.
One important thing to note though is that there exists an item that will reverse a Crystallized Hiram or Mistsong piece of gear to its normal state, thus letting its owner try their luck again at Awakening that piece of gear. The item is called Damage Recovery Scroll, and is purchasable from the Honor Store for 10,000 Honor. The process of un-Crystallizing a piece of gear is shown in the image below. It can be used exclusively
on Hiram or Mistsong gear, and thus cannot be used to reverse the effects of a Crystallized piece of crafted gear.



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