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Experimental 9.0.2

 Saloman_Kane   11 Dec 2018 : 11:08

CHANGELOG: Alpha 9.0.2 - Experimental (Build 2062)

Added new type of Entity Spawners: "Static"
> these new spawners should behave as if you actually place the NPC in the POI
- Spawn spawns NPC once
- No particle effect
- Will also spawn NPC when structure has no core anymore ie after conquering
- "Static" can be configured via CP of spawner block
> Idea is to be able to create POIs where the player needs to clear a POI completely from enemies even after it has been captured
> we recommend using for these static spawners the thin plate and texture it so it is hidden

General Entity Spawner Update:
- Added dummy model to all spawner blocks so that the spawner blocks can be easily found in Creative mode in a POI
- Added the possibility to set faction on a per-spawner basis (eg you can place Civilian prisoners in a Zirax prison)
- Entities that are spawned within a structure are now also saved with this structure (this means when resuming a save game, the NPCs will be at the same position as when leaving game): PLEASE test well
- Entities spawned in a structure now stay within the structure and a boundary of 5 meters around
- Updated Talon POIs with static spawners

Faction Changes:
- No reputation loss if opening container in AI faction POI that is set to 0000
- Added new trigger levels for some actions, eg when attacking an NPC or opening a container, reputation drops to neutral not unfriendly
- Updated colors of player faction and admin faction

Other Changes:
- Increased version nr to 9.0.2
- Added vessel deco parts:

- Allow to set blocks to a structure that is regenerate-able in super godmode
- Updated Localization.csv
- Implemented that the Logistics window opens when you press 'Manage' in CP for fuel or O2
- Increased HP of Cargo Controller L and Extension L to 500 HP
- Added proper projectile for Turret HV Rocket (FastRocketGV)
- Updated dead version for AlienBug01
- Updated messages with Material Transmitter
- Added TalonChief and ZiraxCommander NPC
- Allow for possibility of generating a random system for a scenario
- Adapted drone base attack on starter planets: only after placing turret (not when base gets powered)
- Exchanged Troop Transport content: RipperDog instead of Crawler
- Added new Talon Trader content for all Talon traders in POIs

Volume Balancing:
- Reduced volumes of ores and ingots
- Slightly adjusted volumes of (intermediate) components

Re-added Arid planet as a 2nd starter planet:
- Please double check PDA Robinson Protocol
- How is start on Arid (too difficult or ok)?

Default Akua-Omicron scenario:
- Abandoned POI and Artifacts are now Alien Faction
- No fixed Escape Pod start position anymore
- Update starting equipment (like in A8)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: When trying to add fuel or oxygen to a vessel's tank via logistics from another structure a CoQ is triggered
- Fixed: Fuel / O2 withdrawal from one structure to another loses items
- Fixed: Problem that some blocks on Tower (story) were missing
- Fixed: When player uses a Furnace at a POI after setting up an input container a CoQ loop is triggered
- Fixed: CoQ when opening a Personal Container while PDA action with 'InventoryOpened' check is active
- Fixed: Using the last 4 slots of the PC results in an exception
- Fixed: Neutral State with Zirax lead to base does not defend vs. Base Attack (now no Base Attack of Zirax if standing Neutral or better)
- Fixed: Command regenerate / RegenAfter set a NPC faction structure to Public
- Fixed: Issue with the Detector showing to go in directions where this is nothing to discover.
- Fixed: Faction base getting changed to public
- Fixed: Collider on Boarding Ramp
- Fixed: Problem that in Hard setting no Energy Bar was given and thus Robinson Protocol task could not be fulfilled
- Fix for regenerate POI and faction getting lost
- Fixed: PF log exceptions after trying to use Deconstructor
- Fixed: Reputation getting hostile for some actions (eg killing spider in Talon territory)
- Fixed: Player is disconnected from a server when trying to take fuel or oxygen from a tank
- Fixed: Problem that weapons without scope could be zoomed slightly and got stuck
- Fixed: XP is not given in MP for killing any NPC's
- Fixed: Last 2 shapes of container extensions where wrong (temporarily removed)
- Fixed: potential exception when using console command 'changemode'
- Fixed: Scope reflection on pistols